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Palivá ORLEN Unipetrol
ORLEN UNIPETROL's “Palivá ORLEN Unipetrol” for cooperating petrol stations is a unique solution for cooperation in fuel delivery. Become a cooperating petrol station as well and enjoy many benefits.
The project is designed for independent petrol stations that want to distinguish themselves from the competition and cooperate with a renowned fuel supplier and distributor in the Czech and Slovak Republic.
By becoming a member of the programme, you get a guarantee of fuel quality and consistent delivery.  Our company will also provide you with participation in the “Quality Guarantee” programme, i.e. routine fuel quality inspection by an accredited laboratory company SGS Czech Republic s.r.o. The inspection is performed in monthly intervals. A cooperating petrol station gets a special label which lets customers know that they can rely on high-quality fuel at this petrol station any time.
In addition to the highest quality of fuels, we provide cooperating petrol stations with a guarantee of regular supply at discounted prices. And that is not all! We offer a marketing support services package in the form of posters, flags and many other items to all cooperating petrol stations.
Another major benefit of this project is the option to purchase specially-engineered products (additive automotive diesel and additive automotive petrol) at discounted prices at cooperating petrol stations with advertising support provided by our company. Both products are comparable in quality to all similar premium fuels on the market.
How to join the Palivá ORLEN Unipetrol?
The requirement for your petrol station to be involved in this project is to conclude a 100% fuel purchase contract from our company to a destination determined by our renowned carriers. 
If you are a petrol station owner or operator, please contact us by email:​
We look forward to cooperating with you! ​ 



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