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Oils and Greases

​With its 125 years lasting history of production of high-performance lubrication oils, PARAMO, joint-stock company, has been inherently joined with the history of MOGUL oils. In the course of many years when customers in our marked have encountered the MOGUL brand, it has become a synonym for oil in the Czech Republic. Current MOGUL oils cannot only be compared with top oils of other world manufacturers, but they even exceed them in numerous aspects by their parameters. MOGUL oils are especially known as engine, gearbox, plastic lubricants and high-performance industrial oils. Paramo industrial fluids has become recognized in the field of industrial oils, process oils, special industrial liquids, conservation oils, metal-working fluids and cutting oils.


Business contact

Ing. Tomáš Hrnčiarik​
Sales Manager
mobile: +421 918 626 638

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