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BA95 Natural / BA98
General Characteristics

Unleaded mogases with an ethanol content of upto 5% represent the hydrocarbon blend usually boiling within 30 to 215°C, obtained from crude oil through distillation and other refining processes. They may contain additives that enhance their application characteristics, e.g. oxygenous components, detergents, antiknock, antioxidative and other additives.

Basic Quality Parameters

STN EN 228

Delivery specification is published on the basis of the Act no. 60/2018 Z.z.  on technical standardisation.

Quality Requirements BA 95 BA 98
Research octane number RON min. 95 98
Appearance transparent and clear transparent and clear
Density at 15°C - ​kg.m-3 725 - 775 725 - 775
Vapour pressure - kPa, summer 45 - 60 45 - 60
Vapour pressure - kPa, winter 60 - 90 60 - 90
Oxygen content - % (M/M), min. 3,7 3,7

Note: Summer 1st May.-30th September., Winter 1st November.-31st March, transitory period April and October.

Unleaded mogases are mainly applied in spark-ignition engines of road motor vehicles. They are not allowed to be used in vehicles operating within confined workplaces. Unleaded mogases are designed especially for modern-type spark-ignition engines equipped with catalyst and lambda probe controlled.

Packaging, Storage, Transportation
Unleaded mogases are supplied in rail and road tankers or through the product pipeline. Mogas storage, transporting and handling must comply with the respective legal regulations.

Basic Safety Data
Unleaded mogases are flammable liquids class I of fire hazard, with flash point below 0°C.

The product is classified as hazardous pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 CLP.​​​


Business contact

Ing. Rastislav Trecák 
Head of Fuels Department 
mobile: +421 911 185 375
office: Kalinčiakova 14083/33A, 831 04 Bratislava - mestská čásť Nové Mesto​

Ing. Martin Mališ
Sales Representative
mobile: +421 903 714 717
office: Kalinčiakova 14083/33A, 831 04 Bratislava - mestská čásť Nové Mesto​​​



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